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Avoider Guide to Setting Up a Pi-hole for Network-wide Ad-blocking

Pi-hole in Orange Pi Zero

Some have the opinion that ad-blocking is piracy as you’re trading the online money-making ability of a company or content creator for saving a few seconds (and one’s sanity). Traditionally, digital piracy is the downloading of digital media or software that’s on sale for free use. While I understand where they’re coming from, I think it’s a dumb opinion because online ads also open you up to security problems with trackers and the potential for malware. That’s why I have no qualms about adding a Pi-hole to my local network. (more…)

My Problems with NVIDIA Broadcast

NVIDIA Broadcast

NVIDIA Broadcast is great, for the most part. You can remove noise from your microphone and speakers like magic and remove the background on your webcam like you’re living in a green screen void. But now that I actually have an RTX card to use it with, I’ve been somewhat disappointed with it. It’s good at what it does, but perhaps it’s too good. Let me explain. (more…)

RTX Voice: Goodbye, Background Noise

RTX Voice

On the day of this writing, I woke up to a Twitter post shared on a group chat. It was a tweet by theGunrun, a former employee of Twitch. It was a demonstration of the new RTX Voice, a piece of software by NVIDIA that uses AI technology to process input audio on-the-fly with your GPU, removing background noise from one’s voice. Users are reporting amazing results from this new application, and I can attest to its effectiveness. (more…)