Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Free) [Review]

This is a rather fun game that can get frustrating fast. It’s about testing your coordination, focus, and patience. Oh man, you better have patience in this game since it will make your hands itch and you screaming for vengeance. You then kill the patient by making him bleed out, and then you try again.



Noting the core gameplay here, there is no real need to do things neatly. The goal is dropping in the new heart in the appropriate area in the right position. So you can just break the rib cage, toss the ribs and lungs out, and sever the old heart with a scalpel before you drop the new heart in. This makes the game good for speedruns and self-made challenges. Not only should you finish at the fastest time possible, but also lose the least amount of blood.

screenshot_surgeonsim2013_01 screenshot_surgeonsim2013_02

You can challenge yourself to do things neatly though once you’re tired of breaking the ribs with a hammer in every game. That’s when you get to use the other tools on the table, like the manual bone saw or the electric one.

Bossa Studios also made a game called Monstermind, and another game based on the Merlin TV series. I don’t know if I’ll get to play those, but we’ll see.

Final Score

Surgeon Simulator 2013
7 / 10 out of 10
It's like how I like QWOP due to both its absurdity and its challenge. QWOP is much harder though, but perhaps that makes Surgeon Simulator 2013 more newbie-friendly as a result.

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