Policy Statement

NOTE: Avoiderdragon.com has policies that authors must follow to maintain the integrity of the site and users must understand to prevent confusion and misunderstanding. These terms are subject to change without prior notice, but also not without good reason.

(Updated as of April 27, 2017)


  • Opinions and statements expressed are solely of the author.
  • This is not a news website; any journalistic content presented here are of editorial nature.
  • This website does not sell products and services without clear disclosure as promotional material.
  • Requests for reviews and event coverage are welcome, but only under the condition of the author(s) remaining objective and unbiased.

Ethics Statement

I, the proprietor of this website, vow to:

  • Never accept compensation of any kind in exchange for my inauthentic opinion.
  • Never endorse a product or service I do not personally believe in.
  • Always disclose compensation for my endorsement of any particular product or service.
  • Always practice openness and transparency towards my audience with anything on this website.
  • Always conduct reviews without the influence of publishers, developers, or other reviewers.
  • Always disclose any relationship that may affect the authenticity of my opinions and avoid publishing anything wherein my thoughts are significantly affected.
  • Always disclose any sort of financial assistance for any activity related to the Avoiderdragon brand.
  • Never publish content that outright endorses illicit activities such as crime, gambling, sexual harassment and abuse, etc. (Depiction is not endorsement.)
  • Never accept freebies with attached preconditions forcing me to do something against my will.
  • Never sell out my integrity and betray your trust in me.

Privacy Policy

User information is gathered through the chosen comments system and analytics solely for improving user experience and propagating the website. Your privacy is of utmost concern and your information will never be used for infringing on anyone’s rights or any other malicious intent.

This is also covered in the privacy policies of the services being utilized:

  • Disqus obtains your name, email address, URL, and/or login information for users to comment.
  • Google Analytics and Jetpack are installed, which obtain IP addresses to see which countries the traffic is coming from, as well as other metrics.
  • Google AdSense gathers user information through embedded ads.

You may opt out of the said features by disabling Javascript on your web browser, switching to private browsing, or through other means that do not directly infringe the integrity of the website. However, we cannot assure a better user experience through these means and results may vary from service to service.

Plagiarism and Fabrication Policy

  • The proprietor of this website is vehemently against plagiarism, untrue fabrications, and other forms of writing malpractice.
  • The content presented here are guaranteed to be original — not copied and void of references without citation.
  • Sources of researched material are always cited with links and other references.
  • Hypotheses and conjecture that may be present in the content on this website are solely for editorial purposes and do not necessarily reflect the truth in the subject matter.
  • Writers who wish to take references from this website are encouraged to cite the corresponding article as a source. If the information found in an article on this website is indicated as sourced from another website, then it is recommended that the writer cite that source instead.

Terms of Use

All who visit this website and consume its content are subject to the following:

  • By using this website, you agree to all the terms stated on this page.
  • You are free to share the content from this website, provided that it is properly attributed to the author and the website.
  • Images used on this website are under Fair Use policy. We make it a point that they are author-generated photos and screenshots and/or royalty-free stock photos taken from legitimate sources.
  • The comment section is a place for intelligent discussion and is moderated to maintain its integrity. Trolling, flaming, and posting messages to propagate any malicious intent towards the author and/or other readers are discouraged. Any post that violates this will be removed.

For Cease & Desist, Takedown, and Edit Requests

If you would like to have a particular piece of content on this website and/or in any social platforms associated to be taken down, please forward your concerns to sonnygo (at) avoiderdragon (dot) com with the appropriate information.

Content Update Policy

Content may be updated without prior notice due to various reasons, ranging from correcting errors and misappropriations to adding important details due to either failure to do so before publishing or recent events that need to be addressed.

Whenever an update is posted, it must be indicated where it was added or removed with a footnote that includes the date of modification. If the edit is major and due to new information, the article itself should be labeled as “UPDATED” on top.