FIRST LOOK: The Swapper

I had played The Swapper for the first time for an hour, and was quite amazed. Watch how I experienced it.



What strikes me with this is how it teaches you the mechanics as you play through the game. Written instructions are minimal, and the rest is showed to you by the level design. In fact, a lot of this game’s quality is in the level design, which is perhaps the backbone of a puzzle platforming game such as this.

There are a lot of similarities with other puzzle adventure games. There are elements from Portal, like the “emancipation light post” that kills present clones all at once and the different colored lights that prevent you from doing certain things.

It also has a lot of similarities with Antichamber in its progression, as well as Trine and Braid in how you use multiple characters (the clones) to solve problems and the time slow mechanic done by holding the right mouse button, which is a time manipulation element that’s also a lot like Dead Space’s stasis module.