WEBSITE NEWS: Hosting Migration and Future Plans

I’ve finally moved from a local hosting provider to a better known one. Moving all the stuff over was a bit of a challenge, but I was able to pull it off somehow and I do hope that there won’t be any snags. From here on out, I’m definitely dedicated a lot of my free time to this in order to make the most of the investments I’ve put on here.

My subscription to the previous hosting service (which is local) ends on July 25th, so I had to act fast. Good thing that the process isn’t that difficult at all, but it did require some patience. While I may have lost some sleep, I can say that it was worth it.

Hosting Migration

The previous hosting had a 3,000 MB bandwidth limit, which would stifle the growth of this website. I aspire more for this personal project of mine, so I had to get hosting with better reliability and no bandwidth limit. It still does have a storage limit, but it’s enough for my needs right now. I don’t really need to be uber popular, but I do want to have a loyal reader base.

The new hosting provider is GoDaddy, mostly due to financial reasons. Before anyone mentions the whole SOPA controversy with that company, do note that I was against GoDaddy’s move to show approval for that bill. However, I do believe that it was a PR gaffe more than anything else and that no internet-based business of any kind would ever willingly compromise their own market. They’ve already been punished for it by losing tons of customers during the height of that controversy, so I’m sure that they won’t be as bold as before. Besides, my domain name had registered there for a few years now and I can get promo codes for discounts.

Future Plans

I shall also pursue the other goal I’ve procrastinated on for so long, which is uploading videos on YouTube. I’ve always wanted to create content focused on video games, but I had been intimidated by the apparent scale of the undertaking. However, I feel now that I have the right idea for the presentation style I want in future videos. The ones I had uploaded earlier this year are alright, but not exactly how I want them. I want to put in more refinement and production value.

I’m inspired by my favorite television show, which is Top Gear. I won’t directly copy it, but I’m taking a lot of those ideas into my presentation style. I now have the tools and resources to run a one-man show, so all I need now is time and motivation. Wish me luck and stay tuned.

The tools I have are my desktop PC, HD capture card for capturing footage from consoles, microphone and mixer for audio recording, Xsplit for capturing and recording gameplay footage, HD webcam just in case I have to show my ugly mug, some video editing software, and all the skills I learned from multimedia arts. I’m about to buy a PS3 and an HD camcorder with shotgun mic. By 2014, I hope to be on this whole video thing full-time (because I “don’t have a life” in “normal” terms).

My YouTube channel is Expect new videos by August, even though self-imposed deadlines tend to be lies. But please have faith in me this time around.

For Now…

I have to learn how to correct the CSS for Internet Explorer, as it seems that more than a third of the visitors to this site seem to use that browser, which is actually the slight majority. There are also those that visit through their mobile devices. I still don’t have a sizable reader base and those people might just be stragglers who stumble upon this site by chance, but I still aim to please them nonetheless.