POWER/RANGERS: On Darkness and Deconstruction


Talk about being late to the party. However, I actually took quite a bit of time to sort my thoughts out on what I think about the short film in order to come up with this post. Perhaps it was good that I posted this only now as Henshincon — a celebration of the tokusatsu genre that had been a part of Filipino childhoods during the 90s — gets underway. I myself grew up with Power Rangers and tokusatsu shows imported from Japan (and translated into Filipino), so it seems apt for me to start off a tribute of sorts by looking into someone else’s tribute.

More on Power Rangers

If you want to watch something on Power Rangers, then you should check out the History of Power Rangers series by Linkara (the Internet comic book reviewer).

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In a way, this is a celebration of the franchise done by having it seen through a different light. Whatever you may think of the film itself, you still have to tip your hat to those who produced it. As for its detractors, take note if people can write outrageous fanfiction, then taking that next step by having an elaborate production for a 12-minute film on the franchise should be all well and good.