Coming Up with a New Tagline


In an effort to slowly but surely climb up the Internet mountain as I get more serious with running this website and its associated efforts, I’ve decided that I have to refine the brand. I’m still scratching my head regarding the name Avoiderdragon (it still kinda sounds stupid to me), but I’m sticking with it for now. What I do want to change is the tagline as the current one doesn’t seem that up for the job.

A new tagline isn’t really that necessary, but I want to give this thing every bit of an advantage under my own power whenever possible. I’ve since tried to make up a new one, but it has been rather difficult and tedious. But I do like coming up with unique taglines and titles for stuff, so I thought I should write a blog entry about it to somehow help my brain wrap around the idea better. I could also try tripping on acid, but that would somehow be missing the point of this whole exercise.

Tagline Ideas So Far

“Writing, Gaming, Learning” seems insufficient. It used to be “Writing, Gaming, Survival” because I wanted to write a bit about urban survival and preparedness as well (yeah, I’m actually into that whole everyday carry and bug-out stuff), but that was also fairly specific and doesn’t cover everything. I also think that

Much inspiration has been found in the tagline for Topless Robot — “Unofficial Sponsor of Your Inner Childishness.”

There’s also the American state of Kentucky, which has the most brilliantly succinct tagline ever — Unbridled Spirit. They’re known for both the Kentucky Derby and their bourbon whiskey, so that two-word tagline encompasses everything that represents that state.

I want to come up with something similar for this website, but I can’t just force it. Things like this can never be coaxed out in haste; it takes time to come up with a good idea that works for you. That’s how I made the logo and the web design, having to go high and low to find the inspirations for them. I may have to undergo something similar for the tagline.

“Exploring experiences through digital adventure” seems pretty close, but I want to explore other ideas to come up with something more sufficient for the Avoiderdragon brand. Also, a shorter one would be ideal, maybe up to 3 words.

Here are some of the other ideas thus far:

Analysis of the incomprehensible.
From the practical to the pretentious.
Connecting the dots between estranged ideas.
Making sense of the nonsensical.
The lightning in a bottle popped open.
The lore of hardcore.

That last one may be reserved for a future book title, if I ever get to that level as a writer.

I’m not very impressed with myself right now…

At this rate, I’ll have to practice doing handstands to get more blood flowing to my brain so that I can come up with some good ones. I may even have to go on a spiritual quest in the mountains and find a shaman who’ll give me an overboiled concoction to drink that will transport me to some spirit realm where I’ll find myself and become enlightened, at least enough to help me come up with a new tagline for this website.

“This is not a news website.”

This is the unofficial slogan here as it’s quite true; I’m quite anti-news on this website. There are a few articles that tackle current events (mostly in the gaming world), but they’re more of editorials for sharing opinions and hypotheses on those topics.

Perhaps I could make use of this as the official tagline, but it doesn’t really say everything that needs to be said. This website is more than just being not a news website, after all.

Taglines and Slogans as a Crucial Part of Growth

It’s a big part of the banner that a brand operates under, along with the logo and the brand name. They all form the foundation for whatever the brand represents, whether it’s a business, production, or even a winky dinky website like this.

I know it’s not entirely necessary to have something like a tagline; many successful content creators don’t have one and their identity is usually formed over time as they make more stuff. However, writing copy is kind of my thing and this challenge entices me. Many successful brands have some sort of tagline, so I think that the website could use one too.

Of course, it’s not all reliant on just a tagline, and I’ll have to learn more things in order to make this whole thing work. However, I do think that having a solid brand to represent my efforts here should form the basis for everything I’ll be getting myself into with this whole content creation thing.

Got Suggestions?

If you want to share your ideas on a new tagline for the website, please feel free to share them in the comment section below, in the Facebook page, or through my Twitter.

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