A Superman Game That May Actually Work

Superman for Nintendo 64

Here’s something just for the fun of it. I was throwing around writing ideas against the wall one day when I thought of something my friend said about a Daredevil game and how it’s actually almost every third-person action game anyway (more on that maybe in a future post). Then I thought about how Batman got most of the fun with the Batman: Arkham series (including the recent disaster that is Batman: Arkham Knight). Then I thought about something while watching Screw Attack’s Superman vs. Goku Death Battle 2—What Superman game can actually work?

We’ve seen shit like Superman for the Nintendo 64 and Superman for the NES, both of which have been reviewed to the depths of video game hell. Upon coming up with that question, I posted a status on my Facebook that got quite a few replies. One of those who answered was the aforementioned friend who thought of what a Daredevil game would be. He had some interesting input on what a Superman game should be.

Take note first that I’m not a big fan of superheroes. I get why people like them and I do like a few of them like Batman, Green Lantern, and so on. However, I’m more of a Punisher and Hellblazer guy (I do collect those comics), so I usually have a blank look on my face whenever my friends discuss superhero comics.

However, I do play video games and have seen quite a few superhero video games before, most of them being crocks of shit. On the other hand, Batman: Arkham Asylum holds a special place in my heart since it got me through late 2009, an interesting time for me to say the least.

Superman is already in a fighting game, so that’s out. He’s had all the chances he could have in an action game, so that’s out too. What we went with were ideas that made the most of his perceived limitations, despite his overpowered nature. Take note, some of these also include the Justice League.

Roguelite Tactical RPG

This made the most sense to me, and my friend thought so as well. I gave some ideas in the status, and he gave some additional input to refine it.

Superman may be omnipotent, but he’s neither omnipresent nor omniscient, so he’s only one third of a god. His superhero duties does tend to spread him thin, which is a big part of his selling point since even someone as powerful as him have problems that he can’t just force himself through with brute force.

That’s where the idea of a roguelike/roguelite comes in, wherein decisions come left and right and Superman must choose between different scenarios in order to do what he thinks is best for Earth and humanity.

My friend then took it to Justice League level.

“He would work as a protagonist in rogue-like where he has to prioritize which event to respond to and each one he’s not able to address to could lead to other events such as bigger catastrophes, certain villains from popping up, or permanent death of major characters (league members, friends, etc.) Now that’d be an interesting game.”

That’s worth looking into, I think.

Justice League Version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

He then came up with this:

“… it could be that Superman and the rest of the league are resources that you could use in game world wherein you play the role of a watchtower dispatcher.

You have control over a certain number of league members, each with different skills, and you have to dispatch each of them to areas of the globe where there’s trouble (assigning multiple league members to a singe event is allowed and will make resolution of said event faster depending on who’s there).

There will be minor events which a single league member cam take on, or major ones that require big blue. Again, failure to respond or resolved to certain events will branch out to others.”

I immediately recognized this as similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and it made a whole load of sense. It’s like an extension of the previous idea, but with even more emphasis on long-term strategy. It’s less a Superman RPG and more of a Justice League management simulator, which I think is not that bad of an idea at all.

BONUS: “Injustice: Dating Among Us”

Because why not? A dating game with Superman in it could be something. Make it like a mix between a dating sim and the dating parts in Thousand Arms or something. He may be the ubermensch, but it may turn out that he’s also faster than a speeding bullet in another department. #3fast5u

Throw in a little dancing too and make it like the Galactic Dance-off in Kinect Star Wars and Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Injustice: Dancing Among Us?) and we’ve got ourselves a party game for all ages, but with superheroes.

I’m really sorry.


As you may have noticed, none of the above ideas were of the action genre for a very good reason—it would have been boring. We could have something like Prototype or inFAMOUS, but it’ll most likely be a Superman origin story game if you want any sort of character progression. Also, it may not have a morality system unless you want a game based on Injustice, wherein Superman is more of a villain anyway. If you think about it, Superman may be a Sith since he kind of deal with absolutes (but then again, this ain’t Star Wars).

If you either liked this, are now confused beyond measure, or want to contend what was just said (especially if you’re a Superman fanboy), please leave your reactions, questions, or suggestions you may have on the comment section below. You may also leave a message on either Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for dropping by.