How to Fuck Up Reinhardt in Overwatch [Guide]

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Everyone wants to hate on the usual suspects like Bastion, but Reinhardt is more consistent as the guy you must hate in Overwatch. I swear he’s getting his dick sucked behind that shield, and that smugness needs to be wiped out from the face of the earth. If ever the shield goes and you’re close, he can stun you with his ultimate, then swing that hammer like he’s slapping a ho with his cock.

Read on for the master plan in taking Reinhardt out—the most helpful thing you can ever do in your miserable life. Reinhardt is the second most consistent necessity in the game after healers, and you should know what to do when he swings by. David Hasselhoff is an asshole, and so are you if you don’t help kill the enemy Reinhardt.

How the fuck does Germany have love for the Hoff? They kinda act like him. If you’ve met Germans before, you know what I mean.

Anti-Reinhardt Tactics with Various Heroes

Take note that they’re not auto-win solutions; they’re still dependent on your execution (including with Bastion). If it doesn’t work for you, then you might want to reassess your methodology or just practice more to git gud.

From Above with Pharah

This one’s easy enough. Fly high in the sky as Pharah and shoot rocket at him while he’s busy being smug behind his shield. Hit concussive blast as well to fuck with the shield. Just make sure you aren’t an easy target for anyone else like a Soldier 76, Widowmaker, or Bastion.

Brute Force with Bastion

You should be apologizing every time you play Bastion, but he’s great for breaking Reinhardt’s shield. Doing just that should be enough of a contribution, but killing him afterwards should be appreciated too.

In and Out with Tracer

Be annoying, blink past his shield, and shoot him in the face repeatedly. If you have a pulse bomb ready, chuck it at his naked behind. Just make sure you can recall at a reasonable distance.

Up Close with D.Va

This one is what I know best because I’m a D.Va player.

No need for self-destruct—just health above 400, some guts, and a good bit of practice. Boost towards Reinhardt and bump into him for some damage, stop just behind him or beside him past the shield, and fire away at his face. Stick as close to him as possible past the shield and pepper him until he withers.

Up and Around with Junkrat

He’s a counter to Reinhardt, so toss grenades and traps at him to make him a sitting duck. Maybe a concussive mine can put him out of position as well. Rip-tire then serves a good finisher.

Flank with Reaper

You won’t get this all the time, but Reaper is about being an opportunist anyway. Come from behind or the side, shoot repeatedly in the head, and fulfill your purpose. Reaper is supposed to kill tanks anyway, so you should do what you were meant to do. (Not McCree, he has been nerfed now.)

All Over the Place with Genji

Come from behind, from the side, or up front with Swift Strike. If you have Dragonblade, make like a samurai movie and hack away. Do this whenever Reinhardt is preoccupied with other opponents or he might get bold enough to turn you into scrap.

Through the Shield with Symmetra

Pretty much the bane of Reinhardt’s existence, but I don’t know if many people know about this. Symmetra’s weapon goes through Reinhardt’s shield, so fire them orbs at him whenever you can. Sentries can help too, especially when he’s doing things like escorting the payload. Place sentries high or far enough and Reinhardt can’t reach them with his hammer.

Bonus: Zenyatta’s Discord Orb

Most likely, you won’t be able to kill him outright as Zenyatta, but giving him a Discord Orb can help your teammates take him out. That’s pretty much what Zenyatta is good for; he makes tanks squishier.

Got Feedback?

You don’t think any of these is the right way to kill Reinhardt? Is he an invincible piece of armored man meat? Is playing Overwatch a complete waste of time?

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