Mid-September 2016 Site Update


Here’s something to fill in the gap between spurts of productivity that end up on this site. I did a channel update earlier this month, which still needs addressing due to recent health-related issues (albeit minor). I thought I should also put down something like a mid-term manifesto or sort in regards to content on this blog, so here’s an attempt at what could be one of countless attempts at re-commitment to this foolish thing we got going on here.

Having to do this, as well as videos done through a somewhat labor-intensive format, is a bit of a killer when coupled with work and my obvious lack of work ethic. Since I’m trying once again to inject some hustle into this, here are a few things I’d like to do on the website before I get any ideas of quitting altogether.

I’m not even waiting for the end of September to wake up.

What I’m Suppoed to Do for September

It’s not that I have anything particular in mind other than what’s in my ever-growing checklist, but how I’m going to make that checklist shrink. The simplest thing to do is just to have an editorial calendar that I stick to by hook or by crook through daily posts, but that’s not easy at all. However, that’s pretty much what I’m proposing here (to myself).

Monday: A review or feature
Tuesday: Anything goes
Wednesday: Something NSFW
Thursday: Another review or feature
Friday: (Thinking about bringing back the Friday show. It’s about time.)
Saturday: Anything goes
Sunday: Post on something old

Of course, it’s a tall order to actually adhere to this, so publishing at least three posts a week is victory enough for now—at least for September. If I can’t do it, please smack me for it in comments or PM. Thank you very much.

What’s Coming Up

I’ll put here a bit of the checklist I have in mind. As of September 2016:

Immediate Future
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review (tomorrow, September 19)
Forged in Fire review
Pro Wrestling primer
Lucha Underground review
DOOM 4 review (or DOOM 2016, whichever you prefer)
Mafia review

Planned Videos:
Hajime no Ippo feature (could be split into 3 parts)
Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Trilogy (I’m bashing the shit out of this)

Planned Duo Reviews (with a friend):
Iron Chef
Cooking Master Boy
Shokugeki no Soma
(whatever cooking anime/manga there is)

Fuck, that’s a lot. It’s not final anyway; there should be a lot of these I’ll never get to. The goal is to have at least half of this done before end of the year, but that’s a tall order. Let’s just see what happens.

Got Feedback?

Have any ideas of your own for improving what we have going on around here? You think September is too late for me to catch up in 2016? Please leave whatever reactions, questions, or suggestions you may have on the comment section below. You may also leave a message on either Facebook or Twitter. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel for more content as well. Thank you for dropping by.