My Roadblocks in Doing Event Coverage Vlogs

Event Coverage

In a bid to increase and diversify the content posted on this blog, I’ve thought of posting event coverage vlogs. While it may be a good idea, I’ve hit roadblocks along the way. I’ve had this idea for quite a long time now, but I’ve yet to post something a video or write-up on a convention or any other event worth talking about on this blog. In this post, I talk about why, how, and what the fuck is up with this shit.

Other blogs out there do a lot of news and event coverage, which is why they tend to get exposure in those events. This blog most likely won’t get the same thing, but I thought doing some sort of event coverage, or at least vlogs wherein I riff on stuff I see there, is a good way to put up more content.

Therefore, before I decide to attend this year’s ESGS, here are a few things I wanted to get off my chest in order to understand why I haven’t been able to put up some sort of event coverage vlog so far, even after trying many many times before.

DISCLAIMER: Most of this is whining about my own self-perpetuated problems. You’ve been warned.

Social Anxiety

Perhaps the only real obstacle I have is my unwillingness to stick around in events long enough to cover everything, much less attend at all. My loathing for crowds and noise for long periods of time is something I have to contend with in order to do something as seemingly pedestrian in the Filipino blogosphere as event coverage. It’s not a good excuse, but it’s enough for my social anxiety to keep me from taking my camera out and riffing on stuff without being worried about being stared at.

I can just write blog posts to describe my experiences in the event—which is a good idea anyway—but I don’t want to only write a fluff article about a convention and be done with it. I want to put up a video that does more than merely set a montage to electropop music like with most other blogs out there. However, at least they actually pull that off while I’ve put up a blog post about why I haven’t successfully executed my idea just yet.


Of course, while I’ve indeed taken plenty of footage in conventions before, the question is whether I actually get to putting them together after the event. The thing is there’s usually a one-week window to do so, or three days if you ask me. Anyone would be tired upon getting home after the event, but the footage still has to be copied into the PC and organized, hopefully to be edited later on.

Then there’s whatever is intended to be done for that vlog. Whether it will have voice-overs or just some simple edits, there has to be some form of direction, and that’s where I get some trouble. It’s hard enough to get the footage in the first place, but I have to remember to write down notes on whatever I can add to it, what kind of shots I’ve taken in what order between the two cameras I have and if I used my field recorder to record separate audio, etc.

You know what? Maybe writing a blog post is better in the long run. However, who the fuck actually reads those? Why do I even have a blog in the first place then? Why am I still struggling with this? Why? (Please pardon this momentary descent into madness.)

Possible Solutions

Perhaps not giving in to fatigue and getting most of the prep work for post-production done before I go to sleep after the event should do wonders. Maybe off-loading the footage to a laptop and putting down notes there can also help. Whatever it may be, procrastination must be avoided whenever possible. Then again, staying awake and motivated during that wind-down time may be a bit of a challenge.

Then there’s also just wanting to put up a vlog in the first place, ignoring thoughts of people not giving a shit about it or it being inferior to other blog’s videos. Whatever it may be, I just have to get it done so I can say that at least I put something up. In the end, finishing something is what really counts.

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