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Overwatch — Sombra | Avoiderdragon

In a concerted effort to create more content in the style of video essays that I love watching so much, here is one I made for Overwatch, specifically the new character Sombra. I have to admit that it’s not the most solid of videos I could’ve made as it doesn’t even scratch the surface and may have gotten some things wrong in it. Nonetheless, I do hope it opens the floodgates for more presentations like this in the coming weeks.

For now, I’m hoping for Sombra to have tons of personality that adds to the game. She is perhaps one of the only real bright spots in this year’s BlizzCon, which was admittedly quiet as there aren’t really any major announcements—that Diablo in Diablo III announcement doesn’t count.

What I May Have Gotten Wrong in This Video

The gist of the video itself—social engineering and how it’s more or less integral to becoming a hacker—may have been misconstrued. I was going for how it’s something Sombra may be very familiar with, but I myself am that not knowledgeable on the subject, so I may have mixed it up with general confidence tricking. (I myself had been a victim of a con more than 11 years ago, so I have a rather personal bias towards and/or against the subject.)

In any case, I think I did okay enough for the video of its kind on the Avoiderdragon channel. To do more of it, I’ll have to pounce on ideas whenever I find them, put down outlines and do research as soon as possible, write a script quickly, record the voice-overs as soon as I finalize the script, put the video together as soon as I finish doing the voice-overs, take only a whole day at most to finish a 6-8 minute video, and upload it as soon as it’s done.

That’s not what I did with this video as I sat on it for days before putting it out, a week too late for it to be relevant. That’s why I’m not getting subs on that channel. While quality does get better as I wait more on it since I get to correct more mistakes that way, I have to get them out more quickly as finishing is more important than getting things at this point.

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