January 2017 Update

AVDR 2017

Here’s the first update of the new year, mostly for the YouTube channel. Not too much detail here about future plans as they should be revealed only when they’re actually done, but there are a few things I should mention in advance to make you aware of new things being put to action right now in January 2017. I’m making sure not to overextend myself, but these plans have been in the works since last year.

This isn’t everything; there are things I’m trying out on this website as well. I pay every year for hosting, so I might as well put more of my attention to it as well. The sporadic posts don’t help, so there should be twice the written content this year. Other than that, here are the things discussed in the video, as well as updates for the site itself and beyond.

New Logo

As you can see here and in the video, I’ve changed the logo. It’s no longer the hexagonal one that’s tilted 60 degrees to the left for some strange reason; it’s now a diamond that’s oriented the right way. Never mind that you can tilt it a bit to its side to make it a Z, similar to the logo of electro house artist Zedd, as my friend Bernard pointed out. Hell, it might even make it look a bit more recognizable.

Mind you, that may become a sticking point in the future, which may then force me to change the logo again. Let’s see what happens. Maybe I’ll revert to the hexagonal logo or come up with something entirely different.

Regular Video Features

I’ll talk more about them here. I’ve been thinking of doing a “Top 10 Plays of the Week” for Overwatch, which is certainly doable; the question is whether I’ll be able to be consistent with it. I know where to find clips, so all I have to do is get the format down and clean up how I do the voice-overs to come up with a show that people would want to watch.

Other than that, I might consider doing list videos, like those done (to death) all over YouTube. I like the presentation style of the Swedish YouTuber Lemmino, which is certainly inspiring to do something similar, but without encroaching clickbait territory. I could use the views, after all, and I know the creative utility that regular list videos and other similar content may provide for the channel.

That also makes me want to revive the Friday show, a short-lived weekly news and vlog type of deal. Fuck it, I can do whatever I want, so it doesn’t need to have a strict format. It can just be a short podcast thing I can do every week just so that I have something to upload regularly. That could indeed prove useful, and may even bring more value to the channel in the long run as I’d have my own thing going on.

Getting Through the Backlog

I have a whole list of video ideas I want to go through, and I’m determined (at least right now as of this writing) to get through as much of it as I possibly can within the year. At the very least, I want to get through the other two Mafia games and Hajime no Ippo, as well as a couple of TV shows I’ve been wanting to review for some time now. Once I have most of those done with, I might just go forward with a collaboration idea I’ve been mulling over since 2014.

For Fighters, Not Lovers

Finally, this is the one thing I should’ve done since the early days. If you head over to fighters.avoider.net, you’ll see what’s building up to be a blog focused on combat sports and martial arts. I’m no good at fighting, but I’m not bad when it comes to talking about it (maybe a bit too good for my own good). I might as well put up and shut up, although online and not in the gym.

Like with this blog, I don’t want that to be a news website. Even if it doesn’t really take off, it can still serve as my portfolio for when I apply for writing work related to combat sports—a new year’s resolution I don’t want to pass on.

Got Feedback?

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