Geek Day 2017 — Still an Okay Time, I Guess

Geek Day

A week after vlogging Cosplay Mania 2017, I felt confident enough to do more event coverage. It just so happened there was indeed another one the following week in SMX. Geek Day 2017 was a smaller and more intimate event, focused on things I’m more into. On paper, that seemed like a good way for me to make up for not vlogging AsiaPop Comicon. While I did take a bit longer to finish than Cosplay Mania 2017 due to work and procrastination, I did learn a few things on how to cover events I didn’t plan in advance to attend.

Unfortunately, I was I got there late due to an earlier engagement and it had to be raining hard on my way there (a common theme with me getting out of the house these days). By the time I got there at 5PM, most scheduled activities in that one-day event were already done. It seemed all that was left were the booths and half-interested people.

Geek Day 2017 Review

There isn’t much to say about Geek Day 2017 due to its size and niche appeal. It’s weird to say that a convention about mainstream geek stuff is niche, but that’s how it is right now in the Filipino convention scene that is dominated by events related mostly to anime and Japanese media.

However, ever since NexCon first came about in 2014, the doors were opened for western fantasy and sci-fi media, a.k.a. geek media. Add in all the gaming and eSports events that have been cropping up and there is now more variety to be had compared to how it was in the 2000s and early 2010s. It’s not to say anime and Japanese media are not welcome in an event like Geek Day, but that’s somewhat a different crowd in this case.

Geek Day was both more intimate setting and with a bit more variety, thus making it both familiar and novel at the same time. However, it’s not very unlike the times I’ve been to NexCon—which didn’t have an event this year but will most likely return in 2018. Therefore, it was almost like it had been filling the void that NexCon left. While AsiaPop Comicon has since superceded it as the prime geek convention, that one is a much bigger event with more moving parts to it.

Other than that, I couldn’t really say much about Geek Day other than that they could use better food booths. That wagyu beef was disappointing, the cheese corn was a rip-off, and there were two lemonade sellers. The only one I liked was the milk tea seller, and I was quite alright with their taro milk tea (better than Gong Cha’s bland taro milk tea).

Other Comments

The next event I’m looking forward to is the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit in SMX Convention Center on October 27-29. I’ll most likely be there on October 28 to vlog what I see there. They’ll be showcasing games, so I hope to add game previews in that vlog, which will make it a bit more like the GameCon vlog. ESGS 2017 should be a good experience for me, and I’ll write and vlog all about it here.

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