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The Stone and the Shape: Philosophy for Finding One’s Purpose

Dwarves in Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura

One of the most profound pieces of philosophy I’ve ever encountered comes from a computer game, which happens to be my all-time favorite. Arcanum takes the best of old Fallout, brings it into a steampunk setting, and douses it with tons of lore and philosophy that even games by FromSoftware would struggle to compete against. This particular moment in the game would continue to fascinate me even as an adult, which is why I wanted to share it here in this blog post. (more…)

Favorite Game Meme, But Different

My Response to Favorite Game Meme, But Different

Since this blog is starved of fresh content, I thought I should just go crazy and write about anything I get my hands on. And I do mean anything. What I planned to be a 1,000 word post became five times as long, which says a lot about the way I write and why I found being prolific rather difficult in the first place. So, here’s a blog post on a game meme I responded to on a whim over a week ago. (more…)

Revisiting Arcanum: The Story So Far

After some thought and trepidation, I finally got myself to revisit what I usually claim to be my favorite computer game of all time for a personal project that I’ve had in mind for quite some time. It may be ill-advised at best, but I’m currently working on it in my spare time to practice my video production skills. I do want to fill up my YouTube account with more stuff, so this is the idea I ended up with. (more…)