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Commentary on the Progression of Western RPGs – Part 3

As I worked to conclude this series that may or may not have been worth writing about, I did start thinking that this had been dragged on for too long. Perhaps I was thinking that while western RPGs were worth talking about at length, the things I’ve mentioned in this series aren’t exactly new information and may even be full of holes. I do admit to those doubts, but I still have to finish what I started. (more…)

Commentary on the Progression of Western RPGs – Part 2

Exactly a year ago, I posted the first part of a commentary on an old article I did for a gaming website (CheatMasters) called The Progression of the Western RPG. After all this time, I now continue my commentary with some new insight, which is perhaps my main excuse other than procrastination for taking so long to post this. (more…)

Commentary on the Progression of Western RPGs – Part 1

Recently, I rediscovered a rather half-hearted editorial I wrote for CheatMasters about the evolution of western role-playing games (WRPGs) just after the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on November 11, 2011. I personally favor WRPGs over Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) because they were what I had more fun with growing up. With that in mind, here is a commentary of what I had written in that editorial, pointing out what I had gotten wrong then, and more. (more…)