Fallout 4 First Look

Fallout 420

This is a couple of days late, but I still got this out to not back down on my commitment to making more videos (which I’ve backed out on repeatedly for most of the year). I’ve planned on making videos on Fallout 4 the whole time prior to release, so I might as well fulfill this promise. I may go through with Fallout 4 playthrough videos and such, as well as my own review. Meanwhile, here’s a video on my first impressions of the game.

Admittedly, I did pre-order it due to excitement, a practice I may have spoken against in a past blog. While that post may have been more about Steam Early Access, I reflected a similar attitude towards pre-orders. But I did with Fallout 4 anyway because that was how much I was looking forward to play it.

Points Not Mentioned

Left out the Perk Chart mostly because I didn’t think much of it during the recording of the voiceovers, but I did talk about perks quite a bit in the pre-release builds post. I should say it’s visually pleasing and fascinating to play around with, although you have to drag it up and down to see everything.

There’s the new dialogue system as well, which I may talk more about in an upcoming post. Suffice to say, I don’t like it very much. Perhaps it’s nice that you can pick a dialogue choice by pressing an arrow key, but it does greatly limit dialogue altogether.

There’s VATS slowing time down instead of stopping it, which I quite like as a mechanic. VATS is no longer a total all-cure for bad tactical choices since choosing the wrong time to use it may end up being a waste of action points or at least an inconvenience.

Then there’s the matter of legendary enemies, which I certainly like. Fighting them is now my new primary motivation for playing this game.

Other Things

Something happened with this first playthrough is that the sniper and energy blaster builds I thought up ended up becoming one anyway. I guess my game knowledge was still Fallout 3 and New Vegas blended together and left to dry because energy weapons need not be separate from other small arms at all.

As for the sniper bit, I just gravitated to it since that does seem to be my preferred playstyle in a lot of first-person games. That’s mostly due to the early influence of the Thief series, as well as having played Sniper Elite games so much. I also played a lot of stealth in Wolfenstein: The New Order (wherein the silenced pistol is definitely the most overpowered weapon in that game).

I quite like some of the quests and locations in the game thus far. Whenever possible, I’ll post videos on them as I go as long as I get to record intact footage.

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