DOOM First Impressions — Ultra Violence

DOOM (2016)

This post was only worked on four days after the video was made, but at least I’ve had a bit more time to think about what I like and don’t like about this game, especially without the rose-tinted glasses. There’s much to dig through with this game, especially with all the bad impressions the multiplayer beta gave. It turns out that the singleplayer is indeed good and fun to play, so I guess the beta only served to sow seeds of doubt about the new DOOM needlessly.

Perhaps it’s right that we shouldn’t care so much about the multiplayer in DOOM since the singleplayer is what the original game was about in the first place. It was just about killing demons with shotguns and chainsaws, and then doing it some more. The original DOOM was about level design and enemy variety, as well as the different guns you can use to kill enemies. Deathmatch is great and all, but this campaign is what fans needed.

But if Quake multiplayer beta were like that, the world should stand still and mass hysteria should ensue.

What I Like About DOOM So Far

The gameplay basics, pretty much. The right speed, the right kind of gunplay, and all the other right stuff. No reloading at all, just shooting while moving, pretty much an old-school feel to the action. As long as they got that part down, they can do whatever else with the story.

But all they did with the story is just flesh out whatever there was in the DOOM series and gave it more hell. DOOM 3 had it good, but it was mostly space installation and only had 20 minutes of hell. With this one, there still isn’t much hell, but it did have a lot more orange. I’m alright with that since that suits the frenetic action; at least for me.

Many of the additions are good too, such as the map, challenges, collectibles, and unlockable difficulty levels. Since I started with Ultra Violence difficulty, I’m expecting to get ready for the two higher difficulties while getting as many of the challenges and secrets down as possible in my first playthrough.

Being able to modify and upgrade the guns remind me of Hard Reset. I like that they’re able to blow shit up more as you go along, as well as mod it with specific enemy types in mind. There are also databases and notes in the menus that gives this game a bit of a Serious Sam feel to it, which I personally like as well.

What I Don’t Like About DOOM So Far

Glory Kills. Not that it’s the worst thing ever, but I understand why people whined about this mechanic. It’s a good way to heal in the game, although maybe too good at times. Of course, you shouldn’t go for glory kills when there are still a mob of enemies around, but it goes fast enough that you can heal up even in the worst of pinches. Health drops scale according to how hurt you are, so it can be too easy of a way to recover. If you want the game to be more difficult, just don’t go for glory kills.


As far as a reboot for the franchise goes, this does everything it can. I’m not sure how it works for the kids these days, but it sure works for those who grew up with arena shooters. All I ask for now is a good Quake game in this era and I’m all set; much like this, but with much better multiplayer.

Got Feedback?

Think the game actually sucks anyway, especially with the steep price tag? Are you a Call of Duty fanboy who spits in the face of old man shooters like DOOM and Quake?

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