Friday Show #1 — May the What?

Friday Show | Avoiderdragon

So I decided to come up with a weekly show every Friday (or Saturday if I happen to be slow) wherein I talk about whatever topics came up during the week. This website and the YouTube channel could use more regular content, so a weekly thing like this could solve a lot of the stagnation problems that have been plaguing this place for quite a while now. At the very least, this could give me something to do in those idle moments. On the other hand, it’s something more to do during those unusually busy days.

The format of the show (for now) is to have three topics for each episode to keep things brief and easy to produce. There may still be some ironing out and other assets added in, but I think it’s doable. While it does take more work, it takes a lot less talking than a podcast, which is something I’ve tried to do thrice before. I personally believe that an audio podcast is perhaps the last thing you’d want to do for content (It’s best done when you ALREADY have a sizable audience), so I’d rather do this for now.


In this episode, I talked about hero shooters such as Paladins and Overwatch, as well as May the 4th—a day of bandwagoning most don’t really understand. Don’t get me started with May the 4th. Just watch the video and understand my position on the matter.

Maybe I’ll have more show notes in the future. But for now, I could put in a transcript if I want to since I write scripts for these videos. However, it’d make this blog post longer than necessary. Just watch the video for the rest and we’ll all be happy, hopefully.

Got Feedback?

Is this show a bad idea? Do you think I won’t be able to keep it up week after week? Is my monotone voice really annoying and my sense of humor really lame?

Please leave whatever reactions, questions, or suggestions you may have on the comment section below. You may also leave a message on either Facebook or Twitter. Also subscribe to the YouTube channel for more content. Thank you for dropping by.