Battlefield 1 Open Beta First Impressions

Battlefield 1

For once, I actually get to the open beta of a game and actually make a video out of it, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for this blog for quite a while now. Then again, this is a AAA game, so it wasn’t that hard to remember to get into it. It was also not that big since it’s just a multiplayer preview available for a week, so it was just bells and whistles and wasn’t hard to download at all. Battlefield 1 was met with skepticism, but I have to say it could actually bring the Battlefield franchise back from the heaping pile of failure it had been in recent years (commercially successful but technically unsound).

If you want a game that somehow realistically depicts World War I, you’d want to check out Verdun on Steam. You can also learn more about World War I through various means aside from just reading Wikipedia entries about it, much of which I talked about in this post on learning about World War I through new media. It’s a fascinating time in world history, perhaps even more so than World War II (albeit a bit less colorful in many respects).

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

There are indeed a few bugs I encountered in this session. The two prominent ones were failure to deploy and spawning without weapons. The latter was really weird as I could enter and drive vehicles just fine and fire the machineguns if I choose to, but I don’t have anything to fight with while on foot. Quitting that game and joining another one resolved the issue, but it’s still annoying to have happen.

Things I Missed Out On

As far as previews go, this was a big fat failure because I sucked donkey balls. There are quite a few things I didn’t get to with this Battlefield 1 video, but that’s what happens with a First Play—you never know how it’ll turn out. I could’ve tried harder and did more stuff like fly planes and do cavalry charges (like GLOCO did in this video).

I also didn’t go hog wild with the bayonet charge, which is perhaps one of the most fun things to do in Battlefield 1. But during this session, I didn’t have either the guts or proper mindset to really do it. That’s a good reason why you shouldn’t fear sucking in a game—the more conscious you are, the more you’ll actually suck.

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