Channel Update — September 2016


Putting out an update video when the YouTube channel barely has anything may seem ill-advised since there’s barely anything to update on or require any sort of housekeeping. It does end up being about promises to upload more videos, but I did have to start somewhere. Since I’ve been trying to take content creation more seriously, even with YouTube attempting to impose its own PG era, then I might as well go all out and “fake it till I make it.”

The YouTube channel has been quiet for way too long. I’m not really promising to do more videos as I always break my promises anyway, but I just have an urge to upload more. It’s more of an impulse than just addressing a desire to pick up from where I left off. It’s just acknowledging how I realized that I wanted to give succeeding in this whlie content creation thing a good li’ Boy Scout try.

Channel Update Outline

I didn’t use a script to do this video, which was obvious from all the “you know” I was blurting out. This was the rough outline I followed for this.

I. Introduction

A. Greetings
B. The Channel
C. Vlog Channel

II. Current State of Affairs

A. Why I Don’t Upload Often
B. Confusion and the Search for Answers
C. The Need for a Regular Schedule

III. Going Forward

A. Regular Schedule
B. Getting Better Internet Connection
C. Finally Going Through the Checklist

IV. Conclusion

A. What I Need: Feedback and Better Social Presence
B. Call to Action
C. Farewell

Additional Information

Main purpose of the let’s play videos is to practice my unscripted commentary. Getting good at talking on the spot is something I’ve always wanted to do, and perhaps I can slowly but surely get to “radio broadcast quality” with a good bit of practice. Maybe I should also do some comedic commentary on random stuff ala Ozzy Man Reviews to the vlog channel just for kicks.

Due to the recent controversy regarding YouTube pulling out monetization from videos deemed “inappropriate” and “not advertiser-friendly,” I’m also considering putting up videos on, an alternative video sharing website. That site still has NSFW content (including full-blown amateur porn) at the moment, so it most likely won’t mind me having a potty mouth. Maybe I can also post videos there discussing NSFW content for kicks. Let’s see what comes out of that experiment if I do choose to go through with it.

As of this writing, I’m playing through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and I plan to do a review video of it. Perhaps with this, I’ll get the ball rolling with game reviews and open the flood gates since I have over 550 games in my Steam account. I might as well go through them with a fine-toothed comb then.

Got Feedback?

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