My Thoughts on Game Reviews

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After taking ye olde sweet time to get another video uploaded after the This is the Police review while still having a mental block, I used said mental block as inspiration for a non-review video. What came from it is a commentary of sorts on the thing I should be doing more of on the channel and blog, which are game reviews.

It may also apply a bit to other sorts of reviews, but I wish to focus it more on game reviews as that has always been the main inspiration for all of this I’ve been trying to do more of for the past few years. I realized later that the things I said in the video aren’t as deep and introspective as I could’ve gotten them, so there may be a second video on the subject in the future. Perhaps I was just a bit in a hurry to upload something after not uploading anything for a long while.

What Was Discussed

Most of it is about why game reviews exist and how they’re done by most people, as well as how I prefer to do them as well. I guess it’s more of a primer than saying anything new and insightful, but I thought I make that so that the channel has something on it right from the get-go.

I talk about why I do video game reviews for the most part, as well as the difference between review videos and written reviews. There is a bit on scoring systems and how I don’t like decimals figures in scores. There were some parts I cut off to make this video closer to the 7 minute 30 seconds I usually like for most of my videos.

What I Didn’t Mention

This video didn’t focus on what I think other people are doing wrong with their game reviews. I kept myself from being to critical and accusatory as I felt that it wasn’t time yet to do so. I only have a handful of reviews and subscribers on the channel at the moment, so I didn’t think I’ve earned the right to do so just yet. Maybe I’ll make another video that has more “new ideas” and criticisms of other’s review methodology.

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