GameCon Philippines 2017 Preview — Lead by the Hand

GameCon Philippines

It’s being pushed as the biggest gaming convention in the Philippines. GameCon Philippines is a 3-day gaming convention taking place on July 7-9, 2017 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2. The first day features a conference and workshop for game developers and artists, then an exhibit and trade show takes place on the next two days.

This is all about showing people that gaming is very much alive here in the country. With the Philippines starting to make itself known in eSports and game development, GameCon seeks to take things further by showcasing the best of what the Filipino games industry has to offer, as well as encouraging game developers and artists to strive for greater heights. Growing the Filipino games industry further may start with events like this (and big companies like Ubisoft putting up offices here).

Why GameCon Philippines 2017 Matters

It’s not that anime conventions are bad, but they’ve oversaturated the convention scene for years, so the recent variety we’ve been having is certainly welcome. GameCon is more focused on video game development and gaming culture; a welcome change from the recent eSports-centric events. It’s good to have a gaming convention that may be more “casual-friendly” instead of just inclusive of a specific niche.

Aside from being able to play lots of games there, you’ll get to see what Pinoy game developers are up to these days. That’s indeed necessary as plenty of people are not aware of the state of the local video game industry or even its actual existence. Events like GameCon Philippines and other major developments (like Pinoy pro players/teams winning big in tournaments) play a big role in spreading the good word about gaming in the country.

There will also be various technological showcases—from various gaming platforms to robotics and toys—and tabletop games (since this is about gaming in general). Alongside them are the usual convention fare you’d expect like cosplay and various other contests, as well as some eSports show matches for the competitively-inclined.

GameCon Philippines is organized by Redwizard Events Management. Tickets are available online at a discounted rate until June 30. You may also visit the GameCon Philippines official website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or contact them on 09179048777 and 09209734926.

My Intentions in GameCon Philippines 2017

My main mission there is to make a vlog covering the event. I’ve attempted this on various conventions and other events in multiple occasions, but it has been an uphill climb as far as the learning process goes. However, with my recent experience with Manila Wrestling Federation as a part of their production, I’ve become more comfortable with my ability to shoot video on my own in such a public place.

(As I’ve mentioned in a past blog post, my biggest problem is my social anxiety.)

The plan is to get footage from all the booths. I don’t know if I’ll do live commentary as I record or do it in post, but it definitely will have commentary. I’m not sure if I’ll be going on multiple days, but I’ll certainly be there on Saturday, July 8. Other than that, I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself and have fun while recording and riffing on the stuff I’ll see there.

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