AVDR 2018 Blogging and Video Plans

AVDR 2017

Alright, so it’s that time again to make promises and see if they can be kept. I should keep these as realistic and grounded as possible, but that also may have me running the risk of putting my goals too low, which can be just as detrimental as not fulfilling them at all. Since things seem to be going quite well for me right now at the beginning of 2018, I should aim just a bit higher than what’s advisable in order to get this blog and everything else to another level by the end of this auspicious year.

The main goal for 2018 is just to post a lot more on this blog, as well as upload more videos on the YouTube channels. For now, the focus is on volume and novelty of ideas so I can really get a hang of what I want to do here. Since I’m still doing this mostly as a hobby during time away from work, I can’t guarantee content being delivered on time every time. However, I can say for certain I’ll be a lot less idle this year.

Most of My Plans for 2018

The primary categories of the blog are still video games and film, and I’ll add anime and television to that since I’d like to write about shows too. Entertainment media and how they affect people are the main focus on this website. Mainstream pop culture is often maligned as trivial and frivolous, while it actually affects how we think of the world around us in this day and age. It’s all about stories and how they affect how we understand the world and each other.

However, I wish to write about things that may seem left field. There’s the stuff I’ve posted on here before like combat sports and pro wrestling. What ties them together is martial arts, which I’d like to talk about more here. I also have some video essays on pro wrestling in the works, which I hope to get out in the next few months as of this writing. I’ll have those video essays in the Avoiderdragon channel, then I’ll have me talking about fighting and wrestling in my personal channel.

Then there are the things I’ve written about here before that I’ve not done in a while, like life, philosophy, and self-improvement stuff. It’s not to say I want to do Tony Robbins-style motivational shit, but I think I have something different to offer, mostly taking from my first-hand experiences. I’m not saying I’m a sage who has reached enlightenment, but there have been a few things I’ve observed that I would like to share and be put up for public scrutiny.

Finally, there are stuff I haven’t blogged about before which I’ve always wanted to write about. The biggest among these is fringe stuff like conspiracy theories. Yes, I wish to traipse into Alex Jones territory, but more about looking at why there are people in 2018 that think the Earth is flat and world governments are spreading chem trails around. I’ll touch on the conspiracy theories a bit, then look into why they believe in that hogwash.

Of course, I could just get overwhelmed by work and life anyway and just get swept away again. However, at least I’ve put it here in writing so there’s record of me being so bright-eyed and optimistic once. If I do fulfill most of what I set out to do here, then that’s good. If not, then that’s water under the bridge.

Blogging About Manila Wrestling Federation and Pro Wrestling

Last year was incredible as it was the debut year of Manila Wrestling Federation, which I’m now an integral part of as ring announcer and production crew member. Aside from shouting out names of wrestlers, I also edit footage and add commentary to put together the match videos. I would then write posts about those events in this blog just because I can.

Of course, things are about to pick up now in 2018 as we leave the experimentation stage and most likely enter a more focused creative direction. With that said, I’ll still blog about each event, but I will most likely shoot on what we do a whole lot less as I don’t want to be a leak in the plumbing. If I do blog about an MWF event, I’ll do it in more kayfabe terms from this point on (that’s after Noche Buena, the last MWF event of 2017).

I also plan to attend more local pro wrestling events of other promotions, namely Philippine Wrestling Revolution and the debuting Art of War Wrestling. If I do attend those events, I’ll write about them and give my thoughts in as balanced a manner as I can. I’d rather curate and learn from their events rather than criticize whatever they get wrong since there’s nothing to be gained from doing the latter.

Got Feedback?

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