No Man’s Sky Zombie Horse Postmortem

No Man's Sky

Welcome to a stupid idea i had to pull off to start the new year. It’s outdated, irrelevant, and dumb as all hell. However, I had to do it to open the year as it had been gnawing at the back of my head for so long and 2018 is the year I start cranking out videos. I had to take the challenge, and I started it by putting up such a stupid ass video that would then motivate me to quickly bury it with more videos. It’s basically political commentary disguised as a super late postmortem review of No Man’s Sky.

My main excuse for doing this is it’s critique of the current administration here in the Philippines that hopefully won’t get me shot in the back of the head. Well, not really, but I just hope it won’t be taken too seriously. It’s half-assed to begin with anyway, and I didn’t put much thought into the production enough to seriously editorialize with any significant impact. I was just screwing around, and I was able to fulfill the purpose of the exercise.

Why the Fuck Use No Man’s Sky?

I like that the most ill-advised part of this video isn’t the half-assed political criticism, but the beating of a dead horse that I should’ve done back in 2016. But you’ll only really say how “irrelevant” the video is if you haven’t actually watched it.

But why would you actually watch it if it’s irrelevant in the first place?

My only real regret here is not pushing the envelope hard enough. However, envelope-pushing is something quite foreign to me, so I’ll have to slowly ease myself into it so I can deal with the anxiety involved. Other than that, I’m quite pleased with the result here.

Upon publishing this blog entry, I can put it to bed and try my best to bury this crappy video. At least it gives me motivation to make more videos.

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