What is the Objective of My YouTube Channels?


Since it’s still January and I’ve had a pretty good start this 2018, here’s another update of sorts. I swear this is the last site update I’ll post for a long while. It’s just that I felt I needed to put into writing what I have in mind for the two YouTube channels I run. Never mind that having two channels spreads me thin, but each do have its own purpose and goal. I wish to expound on that here, explaining the rationale behind having two of them and what I aim to accomplish with each.

There’s the Avoiderdragon channel and my personal channel. The former is for reviews and commentary on entertainment and recreation media (geek shit), while the latter is for screwing around with whatever format I fancy. The Avoiderdragon channel is for the kind of videos I want to work on, while the personal channel is for documenting bits of my life and experimenting with ideas I wouldn’t put in the Avoiderdragon channel (just yet). Let me explain here in greater detail.

Avoider.net YouTube Channel

This is the primary channel, wherein I spend the most time as far as video work goes. Most of what you’ll see here are reviews and commentary on video games, movies, anime, and so on. While I’ve yet to upload more videos to really flesh it out, the gist of it all is me trying to challenge myself in creating video content that explore these experiences and make sense of what they’re trying to say and what they mean to us.

It’s also for getting good at writing and video production. Making videos for people like me who are into long-form critique is both a writing and video editing marathon, and it’s the kind of content creation I truly enjoy. I can’t say I’m at the same level as YouTube channels I enjoy like Errant Signal, Noah Caldwell-Gervais, Super Bunnyhop, Joseph Anderson, Mother’s Basement, Super Eyepatch Wolf, Nerdwriter, and many more.

However, with a good bit of practice and getting used to researching, writing, recording, and post production processes. It’s work I enjoy very much, especially if I’m just doing it for myself. I need not luxurious vacations as I’d rather spend my free time in whatever I’m interested in.

Personal YouTube Channel

This is the vlogging channel, wherein I post about myself and whatever else I’m interested in. All I really want for this channel is for posting typical talking head videos wherein I tell stories and express opinions. Maybe I’ll also post videos of me fooling around for other people’s entertainment, but my main goal here is simply to express myself without being constrained by a specific format and having to deal with pressure.

It’s also for getting good at telling stories and talking in front of a camera. I’ve always wanted to be someone who can tell a good story on the spot, so doing it on video may help me get better at being spontaneous and smooth with delivery. It seems like a rather try-hard thing to do, but that’s what it takes to be truly good at something like this. Besides, I’m doing it at my own expense. If you find these videos to be “cringeworthy”, then that’s all on me, and I’m okay with that.

I had practiced commentating combat sports and pro wrestling matches in my room, just talking over videos on my own just to amuse myself. Somehow, that seemingly wasted skill found a purpose as I’ve become the announcer for Manila Wrestling Federation. These things tend to come full circle, it seems. If I give just as much attention to making videos, then perhaps it can take me to places I can only imagine as of this writing.

The Main Objective

To learn.

At the very core, these videos are learning projects. That’s what truly matters to me, and the same goes for this blog as well. Everything I do in my spare time is to learn more about this entire process of creating new things and documenting whatever is interesting and entertaining in this world within my limited lifespan. This is all about the slogan of this whole thing—exploring experience through digital adventure.

If I can make some cash from it or at least avail some perks on the side, that’s simply the cherry on top. However, the main focus will always be about learning more on writing blog posts, making videos, making a bigger fool out of myself for other people’s amusement, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

Got Feedback?

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