Sticker Con MNL 2019 — Calm Before the Shitstorm

Sticker Con MNL 2019

It was a tiring day as I was supposed to work a (non-MWF) wrestling event on the same day, organized by someone who had no business promoting a wrestling event in the first place. It was the same man who was imploring me to skip out on Retro Gaming Con the previous month to attend one of his “meetings”. However, not even something like that was going to keep me from attending Sticker Con this year.

Sticker Con MNL 2019 was the second event of its kind, organized by Fandom Feels through the direction of Grace Marcellana. An event centered around stickers—out of all things—got well over a thousand attendees in the first couple of hours. That’s way more than the wrestling event I had to work in hours later that day.

I’ll keep harping on about that damnable show and compare it to Sticker Con as I keep talking about this event because it burned me that hard.

Sticker Con MNL 2019 Notes

Perhaps the only regret here is I wasn’t able to buy more stickers and prints than I did here. It wasn’t really an event you can hang out in since all it really had was people selling their stickers. The best you can hope for was finding hidden gems you’d otherwise miss if you toured around just once.

With the venue’s warm and somewhat dim interior lighting, I’m not sure that the stickers were able to be showcased as well as they could’ve been. Then again, this is the same venue as Komikon, so it’s not like artwork gets totally obscured there.

Like with Komikon, it’s a one-day event. Conventions of this nature, centered around a particular art medium, tend to not last for more than a day since most attendees would just blow their budget while they’re there and have nothing else to stay around for.

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