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GameCon PH 2019

With its third event, GameCon PH is moving to a bigger venue. Megatrade Hall is no longer big enough for them, so GameCon PH 2019 will take place in SMX Convention Center—a venue I’ve become quite familiar with. This upscaling does bring about plenty of challenges, and I’m curious as to whether GameCon can indeed rise to the occasion and fill all that space.

From the looks of last year’s GameCon, it did look like they were able to outgrow Megatrade Hall since that venue got way more packed compared to their debut effort. I’m not sure if I can really say that they’re ramping up a little too soon, but they definitely needed a bigger venue.

What to Expect in GameCon PH 2019

From the looks of things, they’re doing more of what they’re already known for. That means more makers, more game developers, mroe tabletop gaming, and more retro gaming. There will also be more major studios, eSports tournaments, and various other organizations and establishments all in SMX for two days.

They’ll still have the workshops before the event proper, although I won’t be covering those. Gaming industry folk will certainly pay attention to this event, especially now that they’ve ramped up. Aside from that, the usual convention shenanigans like cosplay and all sorts of fandom will be there on both days.

What I Plan to Do in GameCon PH 2019

This event is taking place on the same weekend as the Manila international Auto Show, and I plan to cover both events and make vlogs on them however I can. Unlike with last year, wherein I failed to complete a vlog for it on time. (I plan to finish and upload it as a throwback.)

I’ll most likely be there on the very last day as I won’t be able to attend on Saturday due to my duties in Manila Wrestling Federation (our next show is on April 13). While I’m there, I hope to vlog as I’ve done so far this year. The event vlogs have been fairly successful this year, and I hope to do even better for this year’s GameCon PH.

Throwback to GameCon PH 2017 & 2018

Unfortunately, while I attended last year’s GameCon PH, I wasn’t able to produce a vlog to cover the event due to circumstances beyond my control (it wasn’t just procrastination in this case). I do hope to finish the vlog within this week to post as a throwback and a preview for this event, so not all is lost.

However, I won’t be able to do it like the vlog I did for GameCon PH 2017, which had a lot of work put into it. Then again, with the games I’ll encounter there, I might have to make an exception so I cover the ones I think will need more attention.

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