MIAS 2019 — I Test Cars by Pretending to Be a Dead Body

MIAS 2019

Having been enjoying making vlogs so far this year, I decided to look up every single event I could possibly attend. The first non-geek thing I saw was the Manila International Auto Show, which I last went to back in 2013. I went with my friend Jilbert, who’s more of a car guy, and stayed there for over 3 hours or so, then went home. What followed was two weeks of editing hell I put myself through.

What could I really do in an event like this? Just get into cars and try to make jokes about whatever I see. However, I didn’t know enough about cars to really give in-depth commentary beyond whatever I know from watching Top Gear over the years,

MIAS 2019 Notes

The bulk of the experience we had there was getting inside cars and getting a feel of the inside. I seldom took the driver seat since I don’t drive, so it wasn’t that relevant to my experience. I’m usually at the backseat, so that’s where I chose to go into first.

I ended up with 3 hours and 40 minutes of footage, while I usually get under 2 hours for each event. The problem with editing this was that

Also, offloading them to my archive drive (WD Red) first turned out to be a bad idea as the slowness would end up crashing my video editor regularly. This added so much wasted time to my editing, which ended up taking around two weeks (since I also had work and life to deal with). Not finishing it quickly and not shifting priority to the GameCon PH 2019 vlog meant I didn’t post both of them on time and I got way less views as a result.

My previous two vlogs got over a thousand views each, which made me confident in doing more event vlogs, thus making me decide to go to these ones. However, I did learn that I really have to be strict with my three-day editing cycle for video content on this outlet.

I also have to talk about the elephant in the MIAS room, which was the presence of car show girls in the event. They’re an ever-present factor in car shows due to their core demographic of 18-35 year old males.

Personally, ever since my first visit to MIAS in 2012, I’ve decided to not pay attention to them whenever I took photos or videos there as I’m the type who focuses on the core subject whenever I go to such events.

If I wanted to look at hot chicks, I’d go to places meant specifically for doing just that. (And I’d make sure I’d get laid, not just jerk off thinking about them later.)

Also, I want to adhere to a vlogging etiquette that makes sure I don’t cross the line whenever I have a camera in my hands. This applies to anime and cosplay conventions, wherein there may be cosplayers I could either poke fun at (offensively) or make lewd comments about. I choose not to do either of those things for the sake of good manners and taste.

It’s not just me wanting to avoid negative comments about my content. I feel very strongly about respecting boundaries and making sure that while I go to those events with the purpose of making poop jokes about whatever I see, I do it for entertainment and not just to be a mean asshole.

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