GameCon PH 2019 — Late Post is Late

GameCon PH 2019

For the third year in a row, I was able to attend GameCon PH. While I wasn’t able to post the vlog on last year’s event, I still got invited as media somehow. I’m quite thankful that this winky dinky blog somehow gets taken a bit seriously in that regard, even as the event continues to grow. It’s now definitely one of the premier gaming conventions in the country, and I hope they grow even larger.

However, this coverage has been mostly crappy. Not only did I arrive late in the event, I also published the vlog and this blog post late. The only consolation I can get from this is being able to learn a few lessons in regards to video editing and shifting priorities between projects when one is getting more time consuming.

GameCon PH 2019 Notes

Perhaps there’s one good thing about attending and covering a convention in its last few hours—seeing the event at its most basic level. The same can be said with attending its first few hours before scheduled programs start. The difference is the average energy level of the people in the event, both participants and attendees.

It does mean I don’t get to cover the peak, but I was able to get a better look at the booths and see what they still had. There’s not as much density of people selling their own wares as opposed to big companies like with most anime conventions. However, there were also esports mini-tournaments, tech booths, schools, and others in between, which added to the variety.

But while I was there, all I could really do was buy more stickers, as if I didn’t spend money in Sticker Con MNL a couple of weeks prior. Among my purchases there, I bought an acrylic character tile from Gamescolar, an independent game developer there who had this elaborate tabletop-mobile multimedia experience called No Sa Da.

I’m expecting more neat stuff in GameCon PH 2020, especially now that they’ve made the move to the SMX Convention Center. It’s now a rivalry of sorts between GameCon PH and ESGS, like with AsiaPOP Comicon and ToyCon. I hope to be in the latter two events later this year.

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