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The Failed OpenAI Coup and the Game of Machine Thrones

OpenAI: Sam Altman and the Old Board

Perhaps writing about this story on this blog doesn’t really do anything, but I wanted to make sense of this incredible series of events for myself. I previously wrote about my opinions on AI, seeing it as a solution to corruption and bureaucracy in government and business. But now, with the conclusion of this failed coup d’etat attempt in OpenAI, it looks like it’s no longer about the advancement of technology and humanity first and foremost. Smartphones are now a ubiquitous commodity and cryptocurrency is becoming more and more synonymous with fraud, so artificial intelligence is now the hottest ticket to billions in the 2020s. (more…)

AI Takeover: We Need Machine Overlords

SHODAN from System Shock 2

Recent events, including the pandemic and the presidential election, had me thinking about the insufficiencies of government, people’s unwillingness to cooperate, and all the obstacles in enforcing law during national and global crises. As this trend continues, I’m seeing the rise of our machine overlords. As artificial intelligence improves, the world will likely be predominantly ruled by AI by the 22nd century. I wish for things to speed up so we get to our destination sooner, but these things take time. I’ll regret not being able to live long enough to see that. (more…)