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Becoming Prolific: My System of Content Creation

Content Creation

This whole Avoiderdragon thing has been kept alive to give me a reason to exist. I have to pay for domain and hosting every year, and I barely publish blog posts here. I can keep justifying it with various excuses, but the only good way to truly make it worth the effort and expense is to actually become prolific with content creation. This is how I will do it. (more…)

AVDRcast Episode 1: Difficulties in Content Creation


If this looks familiar to the tiny handful who actually follow whatever I waste my time doing, this is a revamp of the AVDRcast. I thought giving this another shot is worth the effort since I have a good mic, time in my hands, and things to say about whatever. The format of what I now consider the alpha version of this podcast was utter trash; I need to go with something more long term instead of just talking about current events. For instance, this episode is about why I’m still struggling with this whole content creation schtick, even when I’ve been failing to gain traction all these years. (more…)