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Pokemon GO Hate, Piss, and Vinegar

Pokemon GO Hate

This video may have been ill-advised as I decided to do it out of a whim after seeing so many people showing some form of contempt for Pokemon GO, as many do when something becomes popular all of a sudden. What I came up with is more of a plea to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Mind you, I know it’s mostly pointless to convince dicks on the Internet to not be dicks, but at least I get a video out of it. (more…)

We Understood: Giving One’s Life to Games

Satoru Iwata with bananas in E3 2012

This post was written in haste, hoping to get it up while the news was still fresh. I slept just after the news started to circulate; I admittedly didn’t think much of it at first. I just posted a semi-humorous status on social media about it before I turned in (I’m nocturnal at the moment). I did show respect to Iwata-san with that status, but I kind of feel bad that I didn’t think of writing a post about him right away. My experience with the products of Iwata-san’s hard work and vision had only been recent, but he still made an impact. (more…)