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Internet Cafe Simulator — Game Ideas

Internet Cafe Simulator — Game Ideas

Maybe this’ll be a permanent series on this website, where I just throw up different ideas for games. I did it a while ago with ideas for a Superman game that may actually work. For this first post in the new series, I take inspiration from the local gaming scene here in the Philippines with the idea of an internet cafe simulator game. As far as business management games go, I think this is a very interesting idea as I can see the layers of tasks and priorities to be juggled during gameplay. Despite being seemingly mundane, running an internet cafe isn’t your typical business. (more…)

Space Colony Review — If We Ever Get to Mars…

Space Colony: Steam Edition

The release of HD remasters of old games may be grumbled at by some as unnecessary and even distractions getting in the way of developing brand new titles. However, there are plenty of good games, both mainstream legends and hidden gems of the past, that do deserve to be enjoyed by a new generation. I don’t know if Space Colony: Steam Edition is one of them, but maybe someone out there can appreciate it, especially those who are into building and management games. (more…)

Primitive Ain’t Easy: Banished and Living in the Past

BBC - Living in the Past

One day, while watching my usual string of YouTube videos (covering a wide range of topics), I came upon an interview with someone most people may not have heard of, but had lived through a very interesting period back in the late 1970s that isn’t very well known. It’s a bit unusual, but there have been similar examples since.While I may not really be an expert in this subject, I thought the similarities I saw were enough to write about and share here. (more…)