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Batman, Steam Refunds, and a Kick to the Shin

Batman: Arkham Knight thumbnail

What we’re seeing now may be the start of a sea change with AAA gaming companies. As late as last year, they were doing deplorable things with impunity, as if knowing their products will get bought anyway. We can keep going on with big bad capitalist monsters and sticking it to “The Man”, but this development affects both big and small. It’s just that when you see a giant putting things right, it’s a bit unexpected due to the norm. (more…)

Game Hoarding and Dealing with It

Game Hoarding: Too Many Games

It has never been easier to get video games than now with digital distribution paving the way to bundles and sales all over the place. They’re great, but you then realize that you have way too many games and too little time to finish them before you know it. Video games now seldom get finished due to both oversaturation and the attitudes of gamers these days. There are so many games now, but so little time to enjoy all of them. I’m not saying outright that game hoarding is really bad, but you have to play what you buy. (more…)

Where’s Our Cut, Fool? On Paid Mods and Steam Workshop

It’s undeniable at this point that mods do very well in extending the lifespan of any game that supports their use. Publishers who leave them out are said to be behind the times, and those who are in the vogue seem to have been looking for ways to get in on the action. Their efforts have now culminated to this, and what seemed good now doesn’t. What seemed like a helping hand at first later became a stick-up, if you wish to see this truly as a travesty. Whatever your thoughts are on what’s happening in Steam Workshop at this point, all you have to do is look at Steam Greenlight and think about what you’d give your money for. (more…)

Selling Samples: How to Be a Bad Salesman

There are a lot of issues regarding Steam that many have gripes with, from their front page listings to their Greenlight program. Among them, I see Early Access being the most deplorable as a consumer. I think it goes against the tenets of consumer rights and sensible business, despite understanding why it exists. It’s great for indie developers continue their efforts while ensuring their game’s place in Steam, but perhaps there are better ways that won’t screw over customers. (more…)