Half-baked Plans and Promises for 2016

Avoiderdragon 2016

It’s almost two weeks into the new year, and only now do I post something about it. That’s pretty much the theme of this website that I’m trying to break (and failing miserably so far). To actually do just that, I have a few things I have in mind that hopefully will make this website grow. I’m already uploading more videos to the YouTube channel, so I should post more content on here and the Tumblr blog as well. They shouldn’t be overly complicated things, but just some general ideas on what to post here this year.

These are just some thing I’d like to do and not do this year. I don’t know how faithful I’ll be to this half-assed list or if I’ll even be able to post more consistently, but here’s to trying really hard for it. Besides, not much else in life is going well for me, so I might as well go (more or less) all in on this whole website thing (despite still having a job).

Things I’d Like to Do

More videos. This is my primary resolution for this year. I’ve already started bringing life to the old YouTube channel by uploading playthrough videos, which gives me a good way to keep it fresh. In between those videos, I should upload reviews and commentaries, as well as the occasional vlog.

More posts curating various things like old video games, documentaries, movies, and so on. But I don’t mean just “curated content” with description of an online article or YouTube video since I find those quite lame. The idea of curated content is good, but too many websites ruin it by being too lazy.

More reviews. I paid good money for the Reviewer plugin I use for this website, and I intend to get my money’s worth by writing more reviews of games, movies, and so on. Even though I don’t really fancy myself as a critic, I might as well stop being lazy and post more as the backbone of the website.

More posts on books. I have to keep up with my reading, and I should at least talk about books more here to add more substance to the website. As good as video games and movies are, tons of books (mostly non-fiction) deserve plenty of mention.

Thing I Don’t Want to Do

Still no news on this website. For the last time, I’m not a journalist and I don’t want to pretend being one. I’ll find other ways to post regular content on this website.

No reaction videos because they suck and have little to no longevity. Let’s play videos and lists are as far down as I’ll go towards the bottom of the barrel. I might quit it with the first impressions posts too if I really find it daunting to talk about something before I even get to finish it.

No unboxings. I don’t think I can buy expensive stuff that are worth unboxing. Besides, I’m not the type of guy people would want to watch unboxing stuff anyway (unless you like watching unpleasant people make fun of things).

Calling for Suggestions

I really need suggestions on what to do here. I perform best when pushed, so I could use some encouragement, as well as some ideas on what people want. Please leave them on the comment section below. You may also leave a message on either Facebook or Twitter. Thank you and have a happy 2016.