End of 2018 State of Affairs

Cuphead going eww

Time for another update post. The gap between the most recent post and what came before it is almost four months. That gap is due to life getting the best of me, and it’s becoming clear that I’m not making the most of what I pay to keep this website self-hosted. It’s not too serious, but it’s enough for me to want a change in my life. This is me trying to figure out what happened, what went wrong, and what can be done in the future.

While I may have been making efforts to have a mirror in Medium, I don’t want to lose the ability to customize the web design (the current one may be changed in the near future). Aside from that, I didn’t do too badly with content this year as I’ve made more videos than ever, albeit in talking head format about things far removed from video games.

This calls for a back-to-basics approach as I try to get back on the saddle. This has to happen every now and then since this whole Avoiderdragon thing is just a hobby for me. I can make all the excuses I want until this somehow becomes a source of livelihood, in which case no excuse will ever be acceptable.

What Got Done

The very first thing I did this year was the long-overdue No Man’s Sky review, which was ill-advised and far from anything resembling substantial quality. But now with recent developments in that game, perhaps I should put out a second part just for kicks.

If I’m going to be trash—if I’m already walking on ice, I might as well dance.

The most significant thing I’ve done is the AVDRshow, which is just me shit-talking about whatever I see online. Most of what I’ve done is making fun of people beating the shit out of each other.

Up to now, I’m still figuring out the best format for the show and if I’ll continue to have it under that banner or make it less constrained in the hopes of being able to post more regularly. Maybe I should watch more PewDiePie and other similar YouTubers and see what I can take from them. (That may not sound that good, but I have to learn from everyone who’s successful.)

But most of what I did this year is for Manila Wrestling Federation. My role had expanded from ring announcer to lead analyst while still handing some graphics and video duties on the side. Mind you, it doesn’t take that much of my time, but it still had me busy enough to take time away from writing posts and making videos. There were things to learn and pick up in order to adequately fulfill my duties there.

Lately, I’ve been responsible for making hype trailers for each show, which I started doing on my own accord. If you wish to follow what we’ve been doing, please check out the MWF Facebook page.

What Didn’t Happen

I have scripts, blog post drafts, and ideas piling up by the day, so much that the backlog is now overwhelming. I’m figuring out ways to blast through them with more efficient methods, but I must first hunker down and do them first.

The meat of the YouTube channel—game reviews—have to be tackled first. I made no game review videos this year thus far, but I still have less than two months to remedy that. The ones that really need to be made are the Mafia II retrospective, Shadow Tactics review, and the grand project that is the Arcanum retrospective. The plans are there, but I have to put in the time.

I’ve also fallen behind with event vlogs due to the surprising amount of work that goes into them, as well as being discouraged and disheartened by a few incidents (including being screwed over by someone I thought was a friend).

This one is definitely on me since I keep trying to do them, but end up with project files I barely touch after three days after those conventions, despite having come up with a much more convenient way to shoot them. It’s too bad since my Cosplay Mania 2017 and Cosplay Matsuri 2017 vlogs are still getting good responses, even after a year or so.

Of course, what I really missed out on this year is posting on this blog regularly. I have a backlog of topics, each of which I can easily write in a two-hour block if I could just muster the discipline to do so and concentrate. However, I would put it off time and time again. Then before I could even remember whether I had wiped my ass after taking my last shit, it’s already November.

Come on, the last blog post I put up before the most recent one was about the Pacquiao-Matthysse fight, which was last July. I really dropped the ball here. I can’t make promises, but this does bug me to no end. If there’s anything that can make me want to write more, it’s the irritation I feel with myself and my desire to switch to a different field of freelance work so I can just write for leisure.

What’s Coming Up

First, I’ll get back to basics and just write blog posts for the time being. I’m on a roll so far right now in November 2018, and I hope to have at least 20 good ones up here (excluding site updates and personal blog posts like this) before the end of the year.

I’ll then just try to finish the event vlogs I still have in the backburner so they’re not a total waste. I don’t feel like dumping more outdated and subpar crap in the Avoider.net YouTube channel, but I feel like I can post whatever in the Facebook page. Maybe I’ll find it in me to want to post more in my personal YouTube channel, but I still have to ruminate on that for now.

Lastly, I’m thinking of changing the logo yet again. Pardon me for being so indecisive, but the current one looks a lot like the Z in musician Zedd’s logo. If ever this thing gets bigger, that’s going to be a problem. I do believe in playing to win, no matter how long it takes, so I have to treat this as if it will get “there” someday.

With that in mind, I can’t have a logo that looks like it was plagiarized from the trademark of a famous musical artist. (I’ve seen a tour of his mansion. He’s rich enough to sue me into the ground. haha)

Finally, I should work on the second No Man’s Sky video just to welcome 2019 like I did 2018 and tell the world in some way that I’m crazy and don’t take this shit too seriously.

Got Feedback?

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