StarCraft II: Problems with PvT – Entry 01

Terran — my biggest problem in StarCraft II as a Protoss player. Filthy Terrans keep beating me, even when I started to discover the power of Templars. It should be easy since Terran can only go bio in Wings of Liberty. However, between stim timings and marine-tank pushes, I’ve been powerless against such onslaught. This is my journey towards learning how to fight against the Terran menace.

What I’ve always done was 3-gate robo against Terran players, but it is 40-60 at best for me due to my lacking skill set. Maybe it’s a question of macro or just not focusing well enough during games, but I seem to always get in trouble when I’m up against them. If I do try to do 1-gate expand builds, I get creamed by marauders. I need to backtrack and spot what I’ve been doing wrong through all this time.

With new builds, there’s this one going around recently. It’s Creator’s 1-Gate Fast Expand into Robo-Double Forge. I found this in Doa’s build order list, which was posted in Reddit r/starcraft. [link]

9 Pylon
12 Gateway
14 Assimilator
16 Pylon
17 Cybernetics Core
24 Warp Gate Research
25 Pylon
30 Nexus
31 Assimilator
31 Pylon
39 Robotics Facility
39 Gateway x 2

45 Pylon
48 Forge x 2
51 Assimilator x 2
54 Pylon
60 +1 Ground Weapons
60 +1 Ground Armor
62 Twilight Council
66 Pylon x 2
75 Blink
86 Robotics Bay
88 Gateway x 3
Attack/counterattack when ready

I don’t really have the skill to get these precise timings down, but I can at least break it down Day[9] style, as was shown in this classic episode of the Day[9] Daily.


So I guess it’ll go like this.

Group 1
1 Gate
1 Core
1 Gas
Research Warp Gate

Group 2
1 Gas

Group 3
2 Gates
2 Forge
2 Gas
1 Robo
Research Ground Weapons
Research Ground Armor

Group 4
3 Gates
1 Robo
1 Twilight
Research Blink

I’ll post a video of me doing this in the next entry. For now, I’ll have to get this build into memory.