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Advanced Mining Strategies for Minecraft

Minecraft: Mining Strategies

If your goal in Minecraft is to build a nice wooden house and wile away the days with a little farm and maybe a few animals, you need never venture below ground at all. But then again, where would be the fun in that? Unfortunately, most of the fun to be had in Minecraft will require you to go mining, and the dark and dingy caverns under–blocky–foot are not for the unprepared. Here we will discuss some Minecraft strategies to consider when going in search of those precious materials. (more…)

StarCraft II: Problems with PvT – Entry 01

Terran — my biggest problem in StarCraft II as a Protoss player. Filthy Terrans keep beating me, even when I started to discover the power of Templars. It should be easy since Terran can only go bio in Wings of Liberty. However, between stim timings and marine-tank pushes, I’ve been powerless against such onslaught. This is my journey towards learning how to fight against the Terran menace. (more…)